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3 GIR Upgrade Application Note


3 GIR Upgrade Application Note with change of configuration on DYDNS only for NO-IP server.

3GIR-Upgrade.pdf 3GIR-Upgrade.pdf
1_web_interface_1.15-1_at91.ipk 1_web_interface_1.15-1_at91.ipk
2_upgrade_3_4_maestro.gz 2_upgrade_3_4_maestro.gz
3_custom_package_1.00-1_at91.ipk 3_custom_package_1.00-1_at91.ipk
4_ez-ipupdate_3.0.11b8-5_at91.ipk 4_ez-ipupdate_3.0.11b8-5_at91.ipk

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