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USB powered M1003G


All of the following point concerns 5V power supply:

1)    Rated current of 650mA is our power supply recommendation, i.e. this power supply is safe and has margin for maximum current and peaks. This is to ensure maximum performance, and is required for certifications.

2)    Our typical average current in 3G is 250mA, a 3G peak will hit up to 300-400mA, however a 2G fallback will peak at 400-500mA.

3)    The 650mA figure as you can see is a safety margin (x1.3).

4)    Our ACC-CA41 has two USB plug for two major reason:

  • USB sometimes failed to deliver the 500mA,
  • USB plug resistance goes higher with time and usage which increase the current. The two plugs ensure we are in the safety margin, so we can guarantee to our customers the modem will work properly.

5)    If current is capped, then communication drop may occurs, but it won’t damaged the modem.

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