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M100 3G on Linux


Section 1 - Drivers

Section 2 - Drivers display and configuration

M1003G module SL808x has 0x68A3 as PID and will create 5 IF on Linux, as below:

  • 0. HIP with CnS
  • 1. DM
  • 2. NMEA/PDP
  • 3. AT
  • 7. ECM Direct IP

If the Sierra driver is already present in the system, but you can't see the modem serial ports listed in /dev/ttyUSB, please enable those settings in the config file:


Information can be checked with: usb-devices

lsusb command should respond with something similar to: "Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1199:68a3 Sierra Wireless, Inc. MC8700 Modem"

Section 3 - Configuring PPP daemon

PPP session can be initialized either on the PDP port or AT port, however when used on the AT port this will block the port only for PPP. If you want to have both PPP and AT command available for your application at the same time, please enter the command AT!CUSTOM="GPSENABLE",1 to switch /ttyUSB2 from NMEA port to PDP port.

Please find attached below the /etc/ppp files used to connect with pppd using a M1003G.

You can use minicom to access /ttyUSB3 to send and receive AT command.

  • Note: use AT+WPPP command to set authentication parameters.

AirPrime-PPP-Using-Linux-Application-Note-Rev-5.0-1.pdf AirPrime-PPP-Using-Linux-Application-Note-Rev-5.0-1.pdf
2130602-CnS-Reference-v2.pdf 2130602-CnS-Reference-v2.pdf
2130617-Standard-AT-Commands-v7.pdf 2130617-Standard-AT-Commands-v7.pdf
AT-Commands-Interface-Guide-for-Firmware-7.52-Rev6.0.pdf AT-Commands-Interface-Guide-for-Firmware-7.52-Rev6.0.pdf
2130616-Extended-AT-Commands-v8.pdf 2130616-Extended-AT-Commands-v8.pdf

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