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SmartPack Automatic connection APP NOTE


This application notes covers the process of using the Maestro modems to setup automatic TCP or UDP connections.

This is applicable to the M100 Series and Maestro Heritage. 

When used in automatic connection mode, the modem will automatically register on the GPRS or UMTS at startup, and create a TCP or UDP socket. As long as this socket is connected to another end-point (usually a back-end application), the modem creates a bridge between the socket and its physical serial port (or USB port): every received byte is forwarded from the socket to the serial port, and vice-versa. 

Automatic connection is a very popular feature of the Maestro modems, that can give cellular Internet connectivity to virtually any serial device, even to those which have not been designed to work with modems.

Maestro-Apps-Note-Automatic-connections-rev0.3.pdf Maestro-Apps-Note-Automatic-connections-rev0.3.pdf

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