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Activating the Verizon M100 CMDA485 and CDMAPlus (not pulling IP)


Activating the M100 CDMAplus and CMDA485 on the Verizon network.


Scenario: The modem does not get an IP address from the Verizon network OR you are going through first time activation. 


Make sure the device is connected to the Maestro Configuration software*

The SIM card status should read “ready” and the network should say Verizon.


  • Click on IP connect. This should change the IP connection field from 0.0 to 1,0.


  • Click on Terminal on the left of the MCS software, and run command, ATD*22899; This will re-provision the device on the Verizon network. You may see several OTASP lines populate, then it will read OK, NO CARRIER.


  • Run command AT!ACTSTAT? from the terminal window. You should get a 1 then OK
  • Go back to Modem status, click IP connect again. This will change the IP connection field  and you will now have an IP address.


Note: if you still don’t get an IP address, try pressing Reboot Modem and/or go to IP ping to ping Google's DNS.


*Download resources:

Maestro configuration software=

What can I use this article for?

Use this KB article if you are having problems activating your CDMA modem on the Verizon network.


After-running-command.jpg After-running-command.jpg
Before-activation.jpg Before-activation.jpg

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