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M1003G – Road 7.53


M1003G – Road 7.53


Scenario: Upgrading from 7.52 to 7.53 on the M1003G

Information and Preparation:

It is highly recommended to start from 7.52.x version as previous version are known to have issues.

Sierra said that Firmware upgrade from 7.50, 7.52 to R7.53.1.A1 is not supported.

Upgrade to 7.53 is not reversible due to memory management in module.

Be sure you have the latest USB driver for Windows on your machine. You can find it here:

Please connect your modem to Windows PC: mini USB to USB of your laptop.


Assuming that your modems are at R7.52, you must load an intermediate firmware B7.53.0.A1 first.

(1) The first step is you have to follow these steps to kill the SmartPack already installed on the modem by





Note: If you are on USB connection, you may need to disconnect the USB port on your PC then to reconnect as +WOPEN reboots the modem.

(2) Run the B7.53.0.A1.SL808xA_13.1_transition.exe file provided here. It will load the B7.53.0.A1 firmware and the corresponding bootloader.

(3) Power cycle the modem. Then verify B7.53.0.A1 firmware has been loaded by ATI3 command and bootloader A04.05.12.00.SL8RDBT by ATI9 command.

(4)Load the R7.53.1.A1 firmware provided here. The R7.53.1.A1.201504291449_SL808x.exe file to load the R7.53.1.A1 firmware and also the bootloader B04.05.18.00.SL8RDBT.

Check with AT+WDWL? And ATI3/ATI9 commands to make sure the firmware loaded successfully.


 WARNING: This will wipe out any current configuration. You will need to reconfigure custom settings

*Download resources:




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