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Make output pin high when M1003G receives SMS


Set Output pin to high when M1003G receives SMS



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The Purpose of this how to doc is to show you how to make the output pin go 'High' when the M1003G receives an SMS.



Target audience for this document are internal Maestro employees and external customers.


In general, if you want to send sms from your mobile to the sim inside the modem, first use the command "AT+SMSAT=1".

You can send a SMS containing the AT command which should include key at the start ("000000" is a default key and can be changed by using command AT+SMSAT=2,"new key number")
If you want to open IO pin 2 then send a SMS "000000AT+IOBW=01" (In this case the IO pin 1 is closed and IO pin 2 is opened)

Syntax for IOBW is:

Note: Defined values are: <pin> id of the digital output to be read. Valid value is 1 or 2. 
<val> current value of the digital output: 0 output is OFF, opened. 1 output is ON, closed (shorted).

The command "AT+IOBOR" can be used to read the value of one or all output pins on I/O ports.
For eg. AT+IOBOR 
+IOBOR: 00


Note: Read all digital outputs status.

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