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Upgrading the firmware on the Maestro E200 series router


How to upgrade the firmware on the E200 series router


1)    Navigate to the web interface of the router by going to in a web browser:
             A)  Default username: admin Default password: admin


2) After logging in, navigate to System > Backup/Flash Firmware:


3) Now click on Choose File, to navigate to the location of the firmware file you would like to load.
        A) IMPORTANT: Make sure to UN-CHECK keep settings.


4) After selecting the firmware file click on Flash image...


5) When the firmware loads your computer will lose connection to the router and reconnect and the IP address will renew. 

        A) Please note; if you do not get taken back to the home screen as shown on step 1, make sure you have an IP address with ipconfig. Close your web browser and re-navigate to

 Command prompt IPCONFIG example:



Known issues E205/E206:

Router is not going back to the home page after the firmware flash, you will manually need to re-navigate to 

Under Status > Overview

PID, Operator Number, ESN, Revision and Cellular Mode Info values are always “N/A” on my device.

luci3.JPG luci3.JPG
Luci4.JPG Luci4.JPG
ipconfig.JPG ipconfig.JPG

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