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(LUCI) Port forwarding overview E200 series routers


Open LUCI from the router IP, typically

In Network menu, choose Firewall, the Port Forwards. Scroll down to "New port forward" and add:

  • Name: "ALL->DMZ" (example)
  • Protocol: choose do you need both TCP=UDP or just TCP
  • External zone: wan
  • External Port: leave empty!!!
  • Internal zone: lan
  • Internal IP address: choose IP of host, in your case it's NAS
  • Internal port: leave empty!!!

Click Add, and Save & Apply.

That will work exactly the same as in other router's firmware "DMZ host", the host with ALL external traffic redirected to it by default.

For enhanced security we recommend you forward only the ports you need, without exposing it widely to Internet.


If you will want to add additional SINGLE Port Forwards, they will be added to the end of list.

IMPORTANT: always move rule "ALL->DMZ" to the bottom of the list and "Save & Apply". The rules are processed in the order, so the first one met condition and others do not work.

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