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SPI Interface on GPS Receiver A2035


Application note for SPI Interface on GPS Receiver A2035-H attached.


Quick details below:

In general the A2035 supports SSPI (Slave SPI).

- µP (the host) should be the master.

- The Host SPI_CLK (is an output).

- The Host SPI_CS (is an output).


SPI-CS on the A2035 .. Pin 8, input, 1V8 (3V3 tolerant)

SPI-TX on the A2035 .. Pin 20, output, 3V3

SPI-RX on the A2035 .. Pin 21, Input, 1V8 (3V3 tolerant)

SPI-CLK on the A2035 .. Pin 7, Input, 1V8 (3V3 tolerant)

Leave the nRST open.

SPI_Interface_On_GPS_Receiver_A2035_H.pdf SPI_Interface_On_GPS_Receiver_A2035_H.pdf
GSD4e-Host-Platform-Interfaces-Application-Note-CS-211776-AN-3.pdf GSD4e-Host-Platform-Interfaces-Application-Note-CS-211776-AN-3.pdf

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