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Update Flash based GPS module to latest 4.1.2-P5 Maestro version Article rated 3.6/5.0
The procedure mentioned is only applicable to Flash base module and won't work with ROM Base. Also please note it is done using an EVA board and it is also possible to do it manually in stand alone mo...
COCOM Limits for Maestro GPS Receiver Module Article rated 3.9/5.0
There are actually two limits:
SPI Interface on GPS Receiver A2035 Article rated 3.7/5.0
Application note for SPI Interface on GPS Receiver A2035-H attached.   Quick details below: In general the A2035 supports SSPI (Slave SPI). - µP (the host) should be the master. - The ...
Activate 5Hz mode on SSIV based modules Article rated 4.2/5.0
Since firmware 4.1.0 SSIV based modules (A2xxx: A2100, A2035, etc.) can issue NMEA trames at a rate of 5Hz instead of 1Hz before. The 5Hz mode works as a rate multiplier for the value you set in the ...
Correction on EE data file transfer $PSRF114 Article rated 4.1/5.0
$PSRF114,16,0*14 Where last byte is for “reserved byte” for future use and is always 0 (Zero is missing in the NMEA Manual which is needed to get an ACK ). Correction will be made i
SiRF StarIV no NMEA output Article rated 3.2/5.0
This is for some rare or isolated cases wherein you won't have any NMEA output and will be stucked with $PSRF150,1*3E. This problem only happens on GPS modules loaded with FW4.1.0.  SOLUTION: ...
Height for GPS. Article rated 3.4/5.0
Most satellites are in Low Earth Orbit for the simple reason that it is cheaper to get them there than further up. Some other satellites are in Geostationary Orbit because their function requires it. ...
Maestro's Host Platform Interfaces Application Note Article rated 4.0/5.0
Maestro's Host Platform Interfaces Application Note
GPS EE Server Download Application Note Article rated 3.4/5.0
GPS EE Server Download Application Note
Patch Upgrade Article rated 3.4/5.0
I’ve powered up the A5100 evaluation module and it’s only partially working. I get a serial data string from the USB serial port, but the string is empty. The A5100 is alive, but it&rsquo...
A5100-A Outputting in GNRMC instead of GPRMC Article rated 5.0/5.0
SirfLive and GPS Cockpit download Article rated 5.0/5.0
Failure Analysis procedure Article rated 3.4/5.0
This document outlines theĀ Failure Analysis / RMA procedure for North American clients.1) If a ticket hasn't already been submitted, please submit one HERE 2) Fill out the

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