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            This technical note details anticipated operation of the SiRFstar series of products, when
            operating through the next GPS week number rollover event occurring on April 6th 2019.
            The Global Positioning System (GPS), has its own date and time scale for expressing satellite positions, based
            on counting weeks, and seconds within a week. To limit the size of the numbers used in the data and
            calculations, the GPS Week Number is a ten-bit count in the range 0-1023, repeating every 1024 weeks. Week
            0 started at 00:00:00 UTC on Sunday, 6th January 1980, causing the first week number 'rollover' from 1023 to
            0 to occur at 23:59:47 UTC on Saturday, 21st August 1999. The next GPS week rollover occurs on April 06th


            Maestro anticipates no operational issues with any of its SiRFstar GPS or GNSS products listed in below list,
            during or after the GPS Rollover event. This has been determined through extensive simulator based validation
            of our products.
            Simulator based testing of future real-world events contains an inherent limitation, in that the simulations may
            not reflect real world events at the rollover event. Actual events on the day may deviate from the expected
            scenarios. This risk factor cannot be eliminated and should not be discounted. In addition to this limitation,
            testing of predicted orbital data, both Server Generated Extended Ephemeris (SGEE) and Client

            Concerned products: A1035-H, A1080-AB, A2035-H, A2100-AB, A2135-H, A2200-A, A2235-H, A5100-A, A5135-H.

            Testing methodology

            The purpose of the test was to validate correct operation before, during and after the GPS week number
            rollover from 1024 to 0 occurring on 6th April 2019.
            The tests checked that:
            1. Navigation operated as expected, with no gaps, drops in SV tracking or incorrect positions occurring.
            2. GPS week number reset to zero.
            3. TOW reset to zero seconds.
            4. Time and date fields indicated the correct date in 2019 after the rollover event.
            Tests were run using SiRFstar standard EVKs connected to a Spirent simulator as a part of our standard test
            environment. Receivers were initialized and a scenario run simulating the 2019 rollover event. Receivers were
            monitored for correct behavior.
            No issues were observed in any tests.
            Various spot checks were performed with differing scenarios, such as cyclical low power operating modes and
            powered off during the rollover event, and no issues were observed.

            Important notice: degradation issue seen on GSD4e after the week number rollover

            Unfortunately, the GSD4e9333 or 4.1.2 version encounter an issue after the GPS week rollover. After a few hours the module will face degrading performance, which will results in the GPS fix dropping and an lower average of number of satellites. Qualcomm has released a firmware patch and update for this issue, see below.


            However, the patch on ROM based A2200-A and A2235-H modules maybe difficult to send for some of our customer devices, so we suggest a work around to avoid too many disturbance to your application. If the module is restarted as a "Cold Start" by software command it recovers its performance to the original.

            After 2-3h of run time, send $PSRF101,0,0,0,0,0,0,12,4*10
            That will do a clean cold start, after 30-90 sec in normal conditions you should get a fix back with ~9 satellites.

            Firmware update

            ROM patch for GSD4e9333 used on A2200-A and A2235-H, you can download the file in the attachments section.

            Flash patch for GSD4e used on A2035-H, A2100-AB and A2135-H,  you can download the file in the attachments section.

            Updated version of SIRFLive tool which support the patch download is also available:

            Verifying software version

            $PSRF195,GSD4e_4.1.2-P1 R+ 11/15/2011 319-Nov 15 2011-23:04:55*13

            $PSRF195,GSD4e_4.1.2-P1_RPATCH.10- 04/25/2019 115*5E

            Updated: 03 Jul 2019 03:11 PM
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