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            Generating a SSH/PEM key for eSeries devices.

            Open PuTTYgen and click on Generate:

            Once the generation of keys is finished, the following message will be shown. Save the public and private keys to your hard drive. Keep the private key safe and do not share it with unauthorized people.

            Copy the public key:

            Copy the public key and access the web interface of your router to paste it to System > Administration > SSH Keys. Click Save & Apply once it is done:

            Test the SSH access:

            Open PuTTY and try to access your router via SSH. To do so, go to Connection > SSH > Auth and load your private key from your hard drive.

            Then, enter the IP address and port of your router from Session and open the connection:

            When prompted to “login as” enter root as your username:

            After getting SSH access, you should see following screen:

            Updated: 25 Jan 2019 06:19 AM
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