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            How to upgrade/reinstall SmartPack on the M100 series modem 3G, CDMAPlus and CDMA485

            How to upgrade/reinstall Smart Pack:

             (TeraTerm is needed for his procedure. Follow steps 1-9 below. AT Commands are in BLUE.)

            1) Command: ATI3 (Verifies current firmware version)

            Example: R7.53.0.A3.201501301110.SL3010T Rev 1.0 1852436 013015 11:10

            2) Command: AT+WOPEN=0 (Modem will disconnect and reboot, reconnect via Tera Term**)

            3) Command: AT+WOPEN=3 (Erases SmartPack settings, modem should respond with OK, but might error out if you are following this entire document no problem**)

            4) Command: AT+WOPEN=4 (Erases the complete application, modem will disconnect and reboot**)

            5) Command: AT+WDWL (Triggers Down-loader)

            Wait for the following to display: +WDWL: 0 (Modem will disconnect and reboot)

            6) In TeraTerm go to: File > Transfer > X-modem in (Check the 1K radio box) then send the file: 


            7) After file is sent, reboot the modem with command: AT+CFUN=1

            8) After modem reboot and reconnect, run command: AT+WOPEN=1 (This opens and installs the application, modem may reboot again.)

            9) Verify correct version of Smart Pack with command: AT+VAFV it should now read:

            Example: M100CDMAplus_SMARTPACK_v22_SL3010T_R753_160316

            You're done!

            WARNING: This will wipe out any current configuration. You will need to reconfigure custom settings

            *Download resources:


            SmartPack For M100CDMA= 

            SmartPack For M1003G=

            (Use the SmartPack version that corresponds with your firmware, example: SmartPack_v22_SL3010T_R753_160316.dwl for 7.53.) 

            **Reconnecting quickly with TeraTerm:

            Disconnect COM port (Shortcut ALT+I, ENTER)

            Re-open the COM port (Shortcut ALT+N, ENTER)


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