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            SPI on the A2035 / A2200

            Please note! The procedure to setup SPI on A2035 / A2200 is the same.

            The A2200 supports SSPI (Slave SPI).
            - µP (the host) should be the master.
            - The Host SPI_CLK (is an output)
            - The Host SPI_CS (is an output)

            SPI-CS on the A2200 .. Pin 18, input, 1V8 (3V3 tolerant)
            SPI-TX on the A2200 .. Pin 3, output, 3V3
            SPI-RX on the A2200 .. Pin 4, Input, 1V8 (3V3 tolerant)
            SPI-CLK on the A2200 .. Pin 17, Input, 1V8 (3V3 tolerant)

            Connect to push-pull output. *This is mandatory.*
            - Set to LOW by default 
            - Toggle to HIGH (for minimum 200ms) and back to LOW 
            > for first start-up after power on 
            > to request a fix in SiRFawareTM or PTF mode
            > to go into or wake up out of hibernate mode 
            - Connect it to WAKEUP pin for self-start mode

            Documents attached to this article:

            GSD4E Host platform interfaces application note (Detailing SSIV's host port interfaces for reference).
            2200 user guide

            Updated: 02 May 2018 08:02 AM
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